Uniting as independent professionals

TV MAN UNION was founded on February 25th, 1970.
We were the first independent TV production company in Japan formed by creative individuals who left their production jobs at a major television station.
It was a step into an unknown future.

A new approach to television production

TV MAN UNION explored new ways to produce television programs.
Our programs brought new life to television, was highly acclaimed and received numerous awards. We began to receive many requests to produce programs from TV stations, agencies and sponsors.

Creating a new type of company

A new company must be based on a different organizing principle.
Unlike other companies, TV MAN UNION's unique company system is based on membership.
Each member makes capital investment in the company. Each must actively participate in managing and charting a course for the company. Everyone has an equal say in how the company is running and a right to vote on important matters concerning the future of the company.

Bringing culture to television

TV MAN UNION devised new ways to present culture and arts through the medium of television.
We set the trend of television in 1970s and 1980s through such regular and special programs as travelogue " I Want to Travel Far ", docu-drama "From Europe with Love ", three-hour drama "Born to the Sea ", "Bon Festival of Waves" which received Grand Prize at the Agency for Cultual Affairs, National Arts Festival, "Here Comes the Orchestra" for TBS, special program such as "Maestro Seiji Ozawa: the Day Brahms was Heard in Beijing" for TBS. In arts, there was "Impressionism: the Artists of Light and Shade, Hosted by Jeanne Moreau" for TBS, in science, "Life Tide" for NTV, Arthur C. Clarke's "Testimony from Space" for ANB and so on.
We are proud of the many awards we received for these programs.

Creating a new entertainment Style

TV MAN UNION devised new and creative formats that revolutionized entertainment programming.
The year 1977 saw the birth of "Trans America Ultra Quiz" for NTV. It was a totally new type of quiz program established itself as one of the most popular programs in Japan with audience ratings of more than 30% several times.
We introduced another popular program in 1986, Hitachi, Ltd. sponsored series called "Discovery of the World Mystery" for TBS. It is still considered one of the best educational-entertainment programs on Japanese television today.
"Home Stay in the World(Ururun)" combines segments that document young people's experiences as they travel around the world.
Currently, TV MAN UNION produces many diverse programs ranging from documentary and quiz to debate programs for NHK.
We continue to produce excellent drama, documentary, variety show and informational programs for the commercial network stations represented by NTV, TBS, CX, EX and TX in Tokyo ; YTV, MBS, KTV and ABC in Osaka.

The digital broadcast era

The 21st century is the age of digital broadcasting.
TV MAN UNION embraces digital technology and has devised new and exciting production and technical ideas in step with the digital age. In the digital age, new modes of media become possible by connecting television to computers or linking broadcasting with telecommunications or by pairing information with distribution.

Producing events and films which make a new epoch

February 7th, 1998. The opening ceremony of the Nagano Winter Olympics. TV MAN UNION was responsible for the production of the finale, the Ode to Joy choral from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, conducted by Maestro Seiji Ozawa. We were successful in bringing together simultaneously, via satellite, the voices of the choir spread out over five continents; New York, Beijing, Berlin, Sydney and Cape Town.
Our ability to skillfully execute music events were improved during our production of Casals Hall events.
TV MAN UNION is solely responsible for the planning, production and presentation of music events at Casals Hall. Such music events we planed and produced as The New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra performing all of the Haydn symphonies and the Julliard String Quartet performing Beethoven's pieces for the string quartet, Casals Hall Ensemble, and Nobuko Imai's Viola Space have received high praise.
Films produced by TV MAN UNION have received many international awards. Our first independent feature film "Maborosi" won the Ossela d'Or prize at the 52nd Venice International Film Festival as well as the Grand Prix at the Chicago Film Festival. The third film "Distance" received an official invitation to the 54th Cannes International Film Festival competition. And the fourth feature,"Nobody Knows" starring Yuya Yagira won the 57th Cannes Film Festival’s Best Actor Award. "Dear doctor" got the best film prize of Kinema-Junpo and many distinctions in Japan.
TV MAN UNION was commissioned to produced events for the new era: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry sponsored “Japan International Contents Festival(Coefesta)”, “Cofesta in Shanghai”designed for Expo 2010 and “Cofesta PAO”in 2010 and 2011.

To the new media era

Today We TV MAN UNION are enjoying to meet new media and new style television. We are challenging and moving to the field of IT, internet, mobile phone, and all sorts of portable terminal. Our new generation persons are beginning to take action. They have got new position on TV media such as NHK, commercial broadcasts, BS,CS, and Internet.
It makes us expect and wish something hopeful.

TV MAN UNION never stops thinking

TV MAN UNION constantly reexamines the answer to the question: "What is television? " We are still doing so today. The word that defines our industry, broadcast, originally was a term used in agriculture and means the scattering or sowing of seeds in a field.
But today's television has gone beyond the age of a one-way scattering of information. Information now have the power to change the course of history, society and politics. Now the new appearances of communication tool is making change the world of media.
It comes into bud and bears fruits, so involves human being and communities.
Our goal will always be to work creatively and be the very best in our profession. What, how, and where to channel our creative efforts is the question TV MAN UNION must answer in the 21st Century. If one characterizes what one sees on television as a visualized thought process then TV MAN UNION is a think tank and our members a group of thinkers.

TV MAN UNION chooses to work within the exciting field of media, in whatever form the 21st century has to offer. Is creation our mission or is it our amusement? We willingly cast ourselves into the turbulent unknown currents of tomorrow. We salute the new century.
It will once again be a new beginning. Close your eyes so you may see: that the future is not darkness, that our imagination is already beginning to show us the outlines of our new creations.

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